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A Tour of the Mississippi

I took this past week off of work; a staycation since traveling during a pandemic is problematic. A whole week to focus on art is precious to me. I took my favorite spot at my kitchen table and went on a virtual journey along the Mississippi River. My inspiration is from a story that is […]

John Zugschewert and the North Star Brewery

One of the earliest breweries in Saint Paul was the North Star Brewery. It opened in 1855 where Phalen Creek met the Mississippi River, at what is now the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. The brewery passed from owner to owner, but reached popularity in the 1880s once Jacob Schmidt was hired as brewmaster. Jacob Schmidt […]

Wakan Tipi Cave

October 12, 2020 is Indigenous Peoples Day (Federally recognized as Columbus Day). It is a good time to consider the names of things in Imnizaska (the Dakota name for Saint Paul, describing the white rock bluffs), because words matter. So many of the names of local streets and parks are recognizing the first European men […]

Gustavus Loevinger

In 1914, Clara Eva Hardenbrook’s attorney was Gustavus Loevinger, an attorney then officing from the Germania Life Insurance Building. He had been practicing since 1907 and had tried a few small cases, but nothing as head-line grabbing as Clara’s suit against the City of Saint Paul. The suit argued that because Clara had been denied […]


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